What does it look like when you become a Virtual Piano Academy student?

  • Your lessons are tailored to you and your goals.

  • We're not a dusty, static course, or a gimmicky App. We're qualified teachers, who tailor lessons specifically to help you achieve your personal music goals!

  • All of our students receive weekly private, 1:1 tuition.

  • Composition, improvisation, theory games, ear training. We've built all of this into your lessons (if you want it) so you're armed with all the tools necessary to become a pro!

  • You learn from world-class, award-winning pianists from around the globe.

  • You receive personalised feedback once a week (just like a traditional piano lesson) and if you get stuck on something mid-week, send your teacher a message and have your question answered asap.

  • Live sessions, masterclass workshops, Student of the Month awards, virtual concerts, Q+A sessions and fun ways of learning and interacting with fellow students.

  • You can do piano grades (if you wish), or just learn for fun.

  • We provide the same rigorous training and quality of education that you would expect of in-person lessons. In fact, we've even witnessed students learning 6x faster via our teacher/student video-transfer method, and believe this style of learning is actually superior to in-person lessons. But you don't have to take our word for it. Read reviews from our students to hear it from them.

  • Our vision as a music school is to provide the world's best online piano lessons, coupled with a ridiculously supportive environment, so our students (that's you!) not only receive top-notch, quality tuition, but are mentored 1:1 through every step of their musical journey, so they actually achieve your goals 🏆

What Do You Get + What Do You Learn Each Week for Your Lesson Fee?

Lesson Fee Summary

All prices are in Australian dollars, but you can pay for lesson fees in any currency.

  • AUD$50/week for beginners (students learning for less than 2 years).

  • AUD$75/week for intermediate (students learning between 2-4 years). Required for students doing Grade 1-3 exams.

  • AUD$99/week for advanced (students learning for 4+ years). Required for students doing Grade 4+ exams).

  • If you're a complete beginner but are keen to accelerate your learning, you are welcome to select the $75 or $99 options.

  • Likewise, if you're an intermediate student but are happy to take things slower, you can select the $50 option.

  • These 3 payment tiers of $50/$75/$99 provide you with tuition that is equivalent to 30/45/60-minute lessons.

  • However, if you're preparing for Grades 1 - 3 (AMEB), you'll need to be on the $75/wk plan.

  • If you're preparing for Grades 4 - 8 (AMEB), you'll need to be on the $99/wk plan.

  • Paid via credit card on the Virtual Piano Academy website, using our secure 3rd party payment processor, Stripe.

  • All prices are in Australian dollars, but you can pay in any currency. We have a number of international students, learning with us across 4 continents (paying for lessons in all sorts of currencies), so you're in good company! Our lesson prices roughly convert to US$35/$53/$72 and £25/£39/£51. Check the current currency conversion rates for exact amounts.

  • If you're not enjoying lessons, you're not locked in for the year, term or a set number of lessons. You can quit at any time (with one billing cycle's notice).

  • Lesson fees are charged monthly (not upfront for an entire term or set number of lessons like most teachers charge).

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