Video Speed

  • You can increase the speed (faster or slower) by clicking on the little gear icon on the video player, and adjusting the speed to the level you require.

  • If you need to take the exercise slower, try reducing to 0.75x, or 0.5x.

  • If you need to take the exercise faster, try increasing to 1.25x, 1.5x, 1.75x or 2x.

  • Once you change the speed, it will automatically default to this speed for all other videos, so you will need to adjust your speed accordingly, for each exercise.

  • We recommend putting the speed back to 1x once you have completed an exercise at a different speed, so all future videos play at 1x by default.

Video Quality

  • You can also change the video quality settings using the little gear icon on your video player. We recommend choosing 1080p for best quality videos.

  • If your internet is slow, reducing the quality to a lower number might help with streaming issues (if you're having trouble getting the video to load).

  • Reducing the quality will cause the quality of the video image to decrease (and might be a little blurry), but might be an option if you're having a particularly poor internet connection day.

Videos in Full Screen

  • To view videos in full-screen, click this icon on your video player (see image below).

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