No. You are billed on the same date each month (15th of March, 15th of April, 15th of May etc), which might be a Monday one month and a Thursday the next.

Your Fee is an Ongoing Monthly Subscription

You are charged an ongoing monthly subscription for your lessons (and access to resources on our website) when you join Virtual Piano Academy.

Your credit card will be charged on the 15th of every month for your continued access to your teacher and website resources. Please make a note of this in your diary, and ensure you have adequate funds available for when your monthly payment is due. This payment date cannot be changed, and is the same for all Virtual Piano Academy students.

Prorated Billing for Your First Month

As stated above, all Virtual Piano Academy students have their accounts charged on the 15th of each month, but there's a good chance you won't join us as a student right on the 15th day of the month. So, how do we account for this?

When you decide you want to take lessons with us, you choose an official "start date". This is day 1 of your subscription with us. If this day is say 17 days before the 15th of the month (the next payment date), we work out what the difference is between your start date and the 15th of the month (next payment date) and charge you the difference as a separate, one-off bill.

For more information on how our subscription model works, please read this article.

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