This is for students who are preparing for an AMEB or ABRSM piano exam (or an Internal Exam).

In the 4 weeks leading up to a piano exam, you have the opportunity to record yourself playing through your exam program and upload it to The Academy HIVE, where you get feedback from other students and their parents.

How to Participate in Piano Parades

  1. Video record yourself playing through all your exam pieces in one big video.

  2. Upload this video to your own personal YouTube account.

  3. Go to The Academy HIVE

  4. Click "Create New Post".

  5. Give your post the title "PIANO PARADE 1 - Grade 5 AMEB Exam" or "PIANO PARADE 3 - Internal Exam" etc, depending on what exam you are preparing for, and which number Piano Parade you are up to (you can submit up to 4 leading up to each exam).

  6. Give us a bit of background in the post description. Tell us when your exam is, what pieces you are playing and anything else you'd like to say.

  7. Click on "Video" (see below)

8. Copy and paste your YouTube video link into the Video URL box (see below).

9. Click "Create Post".

10. You're all done!

11. Repeat this process for another 3 weeks leading up to your exam.

Your video is now live on The Academy HIVE (AND on YouTube), so you can start receiving feedback.

The best way to get feedback on something you post to The Academy HIVE, is to GIVE feedback. The more you interact with other students and their parents, commenting on posts they make and interacting with the Virtual Piano Academy community, the more chance you'll have of getting feedback on your posts :)

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