Your Weekly Showcase Video

Your Weekly Showcase video is private, between you and your teacher. You will upload your video each week, and this will be sent directly to Virtual Piano Academy. Your teacher will watch it, and create a video response, guiding you through the things you need to work on. Your video will not be shared with anyone else.

The Academy HIVE

If you absolutely smash your practice one week and submit a particularly awesome video (or there's a section of your video that is really awesome), you may be asked if your video snippet can be featured on The Academy HIVE, and/or on our social channels. Your teacher will always ask you first, and you can always say no.

Anything you share on The Academy HIVE is public to all students, students' parents and teachers at Virtual Piano Academy, but is not viewable to the general public.

Please be aware though, that anything you share to The Academy HIVE, could be re-posted to our public social media channels. If you are particularly proud of something you've been working on and want to share it to The Academy HIVE, you are welcome to do so. You fellow learners will then be able to comment on it and give you feedback.

Posting to Your Own Social Media Accounts

You are also welcome to post your progress updates to your own social media accounts and tag us (@virtualpianoacademy). In fact, we encourage this if you're active on social media! We'd love to see video snippets of your practice, or photos of you at the piano :)

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