We want all our students (and parents) to adhere to a high standard of behaviour, and commit to practice. If your behaviour is inappropriate, you will be asked to leave Virtual Piano Academy without a refund.

You can get kicked out if:

  • You write negative comments on The Academy HIVE wall or degrade another student. Constructive criticism and advice is fine (and encouraged) but saying things like “this is horrible” or “you’re no good” in a comment, will not be tolerated. You will be kicked out of Virtual Piano Academy immediately, without a refund.

  • Use of offensive language is also not tolerated. Any offensive language used on The Academy HIVE or in a message (or verbally) towards your teacher, Virtual Piano Academy staff or another student, is grounds for immediate dismissal, without refund.

  • Bullying another student, parent or teacher of the Virtual Piano Academy. We have a zero-tolerance policy for bullies, and you'll be asked to leave without a refund.

  • Unreasonable demands being placed on your teacher (including calling or messaging them inappropriately; speaking to them about things that aren't related to what you are learning at Virtual Piano Academy; making threats; using any offensive language in conversation with them; or insistently contacting them using methods outside of our approved contact methods). You will be asked to leave Virtual Piano Academy if you exhibit this kind of behaviour, without a refund.

  • You miss 3 Weekly Showcase video deadlines in a row. This doesn’t include when you’ve taken approved time off for holidays, or if you've applied for special consideration due to an ongoing, stressful emergency in your life (this form is available in your Lesson Portal). This is essentially the equivalent of missing 3 consecutive in-person lessons in the "real world". We only teach students who want to learn. If you miss more than 8 Weekly Showcase video deadlines within a 12 month period (even if not in a row), you will be asked to leave Virtual Piano Academy. For more information on what happens if you miss your Weekly Showcase video, please read this article. If you can't submit your Weekly Showcase video because you are sick or away on that day, please read this article.

  • You'll be immediately removed from Virtual Piano Academy if you share, distribute or make public, any of our copyrighted resources. This means you can not take screenshots of material on our website, or download videos, PDFs etc and share them with anyone else. This includes your friends. You can take screenshots and download things for your own private study only. It must not be shared. You cannot post any of our copyrighted resources or material on your social media accounts, in an email to a friend etc. This includes videos we have created (even if created for you), images, PDFs, text, games or other content on our website. You can share any videos that you have recorded of yourself (so this includes your Weekly Showcase videos). You are free to share a link to our website with your friends, and you are free to share anything we post on our public Virtual Piano Academy social media accounts. You can also share any of the content we have on our public pages, including our Blog. If you really really want to share something on our website with someone, please contact us first. We may approve, and give you a copyright license to do so. Otherwise, any un-approved sharing of our content is considered copyright infringement, which is a legally punishable offence.

You can't get kicked out for:

  • Failing an exam

  • Making musical mistakes

  • Not getting a certain mark in your exam

  • Getting low monthly Progress Report marks

  • Skipping a practice day every now and then if your mind/body is telling you that you need a day off

For more information on the behaviour that is expected of you as a student of the Virtual Piano Academy, please read this article.

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