The first step in becoming a Virtual Piano Academy student is to book a free trial lesson. This gives you the opportunity to meet us, see how your lessons will work, play something for us (if you're not a complete beginner) and get a better idea if we're the right fit for you.

Who Will The Free Trial Lesson Be With?

Your free trial lesson will be with Amy, the Founder and Director of Virtual Piano Academy. It will be conducted via Zoom.

How Long Will Your Free Trial Lesson Be?

Your free trial lesson will be 30 minutes long. You can choose which time suits you (in your timezone) on our free trial lesson booking page.

What Do I Need to Bring to your free trial lesson?

Your Questions

  • Any questions you might have about us, how your lessons work, what to expect etc.

  • Write down a couple of questions you might have about Virtual Piano Academy, so you don't forget to ask these in your lesson :)

Your Piano/Keyboard

  • If you’re not a complete beginner, we’d love to hear you play something, to get an idea of where you’re at with your music. This could be something you’ve learned in the past, or a short snippet of something you’re currently working on.

  • So, set yourself up where you have easy access to your piano/keyboard during the lesson.

A parent (if you are under 18)

If you're under 18, one (or both) of your parents (or a guardian) will need to join you for the entire duration of the Zoom session.

Download Zoom App on Your Computer

Before the Zoom session begins, please ensure you have already downloaded the Zoom App onto your device so you don't waste any of your precious 30 minutes. If you logon to your Zoom session 10 minutes late, your session will not be extended by 10 minutes.

Example: If your lesson is scheduled between 4:30-5:00pm, and you logon at 4:45, your session will still end at 5:00pm. You will have less time to ask questions! So please be prepared and organised beforehand.

Your Pets

If you have a pet, we'd love to say a quick "hi" to them in the lesson too!

Can I Choose Not to Continue Lessons After the Free Trial Lesson?

Sure thing! If you don't like us 😭, there's no pressure or obligation to take lessons with us. That's exactly what the free trial is intended for - to give you the opportunity to meet us, learn how lessons at Virtual Piano Academy work, and decide if it's for you! We believe in the value and quality of our education, but if you decide we're not the right fit for you, that's totally cool! We get it.

Can I Reschedule My Free Trial Lesson If I Can No Longer Make It at the Time I Requested?

Yes. When you book your free trial lesson, we add a link to the bottom of the confirmation email, which you can click and use to reschedule to another time (must be 48+ hours in advance of your scheduled lesson).

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