We do not offer our lessons on a casual basis. It’s assumed that when you commit to lessons, you will practice each week on an ongoing basis….not just one month here, one month there. There is no way you will make progress like this.

So essentially, you are not able to skip a month or two, keep your place and your teacher, then return to Virtual Piano Academy whenever it suits you.

When you sign up, you commit to paying your lesson fee on a monthly recurring basis, until you quit.


You can quit at any time by giving one billing cycle's notice. Please read this article for more information. If you quit, you abdicate your spot at Virtual Piano Academy. We will not hold your spot, your lesson day or your teacher if you decide to quit. If you wish to return to Virtual Piano Academy one month (or 3 months, 1 year etc) later, you will need to re-audition. There is no guarantee you will be re-accepted or placed with the same teacher. If lesson fees have gone up since you left, you will be required to pay the new rate.

Taking Holiday Leave

You are entitled to 4 weeks off each year, which you can take for holidays, or use if you’re having a difficult financial month. We pause your payments during this time. You can choose any 4 weeks you like. The 4 weeks can be all in a row, or spaced out over the year. Your 4 weeks starts from your joining date (not January 1) each year. Example: If you join Virtual Piano Academy on October 14 2020, you have 4 weeks to take off (and pause your payments) between that day and October 13, 2021. For more information on this, please read this article.

Mandatory 2 Week Break Over Christmas

You also get an additional 2 weeks over Christmas. Virtual Piano Academy is closed during this time, and all students and teachers take the same 2-week break. This 2 weeks is not included in your 4 weeks holiday leave. So essentially, you have 2 weeks off over Christmas at a set time (see our Calendar for exact dates) PLUS an additional 4 weeks of your choosing. You must apply for your holiday leave at least 2 weeks before you take it. Your payments are paused (ie: you are not charged) during these holiday breaks.

If you require more time off than that and plan on taking month-long breaks here and there (and want lessons that are more irregular and casual), Virtual Piano Academy probably isn’t the right fit for you.

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