No. We are not a standalone online course, where we create static resources and sell them to as many people as we can. We are a living, breathing music school, with real teachers creating tailored tuition to meet your specific needs, goals and musical desires.

If you're interested in joining Virtual Piano Academy, the first thing you need to do is audition. We don't accept everyone who applies, and we keep our standards high to ensure we only have students inside Virtual Piano Academy who have the right mindset and approach to learning.

Your audition application has a one-time processing fee of $20. This covers the time it takes to review your audition video and application questions, and if successful, meeting you and getting you all set up via a 30-minute Zoom session.

If you are successful in your audition, your paid lessons with us begin on the day of your Zoom session, and will continue on a recurring monthly basis from there (until you quit).

For more information on what to do if you start lessons with us, but do not wish to continue, read this article.

There is no minimum time you need to be a student with us before you can cancel your lessons. Our only cancellation policy is that you need to give one billing cycle's notice. Find out how this works here.

Once a student with us, you commit to submitting a Weekly Showcase video. Think of this like your piano lesson day in the real world. Except you don’t have to physically attend a lesson. But all your week’ practice leads up to this day.

To find out more about what your lesson fee includes (and doesn't include), read this article.

Virtual Piano Academy is for those students who are serious about becoming the best piano players they can be! We are looking for students who are committed to learning with an open mind, and applying themselves to regular practice. If you are looking for casual lessons or you're only interested in dabbling or learning one or two songs, Virtual Piano Academy probably isn't the right fit for you.

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