I Think My Account Has Been Hacked!

If you suspect there has been a breach of privacy (or your Virtual Piano Academy account has been hacked), please let us know ASAP, so we can rectify the situation before any loss of your data takes place.

Accessing Virtual Piano Academy at a Friends' House Or On a Public Computer

If you've accessed Virtual Piano Academy using a public computer (like at an internet cafe...or even at a friends' house), make sure you close your session and LOG OUT of Virtual Piano Academy before leaving. We don't want a random person to then jump onto that computer and have your login details there ready to go! This could put the Virtual Piano Academy website at risk of a cyber-attack. If we trace the attack back to your login, you will be liable for damages.

If your Lesson Portal material is wiped or altered because of a breach of security or cyber-attack, Virtual Piano Academy assumes no responsibility for your loss of resources, videos, lesson notes etc, and will not provide you with copies of lost material. Please make your own backups of any material you can't live without.

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