If you're going to be away on your lesson day, and can't submit your Weekly Showcase video on that day, you have a few options.

Let's assume your lesson day is Monday, and walk you through the 3 options you have:

OPTION 1 - the best option if you're away for only 1 or 2 days

Submit your Weekly Showcase video early (on Saturday or Sunday for example). Your teacher will still mark it according to the Weekly Schedule (so if your lesson day is Monday, your teacher will mark your Showcase video on Tuesday, even if you submit it early). You will receive feedback and videos, ready for you to resume your practice as normal on Wednesday. For more information on how your weekly structure works, read this article. There is a brief example summary below (for how your week would look if your lesson day was Monday). The same principle applies no matter what your lesson day is.

OPTION 2 - the best option if you're planning to be away for longer than 2 days

If you can't submit your Weekly Showcase video for one of your upcoming Monday lessons, and you know that you won't be able to submit it early, you will be required to apply for and use one of your four (4) weeks' Holiday Leave. You can apply to take your Holidays here. This form is also available in your Lesson Portal. Applying for Holiday Leave requires 2 weeks' notice, so is something that needs to be planned for (and not a solution if you suddenly can't submit your Showcase video on your lesson day this week).

OPTION 3 - the best option if it's last-minute or you are sick on your lesson day

If you don't want to use one of your holiday weeks and it's last-minute (or you've experienced an emergency on your lesson day) and you can simply can not submit your Weekly Showcase video, the work that was set by your teacher from last week will remain your homework for this coming week. Your teacher will not update your Lesson Portal with new material and you will not receive feedback on your practice from the week just gone.

You can continue to access the website and all Virtual Piano Academy resources as normal, but you will still be charged for this week, even though you will receive no feedback from your teacher on your Showcase video. You are still entitled to your 2 "life-lines" though. So essentially, in this case, you continue paying for the week and everything continues as normal, you still have access to all other Virtual Piano Academy resources, but you don't submit your Weekly Showcase video and you therefore, don't receive teacher feedback on it. By not submitting your Showcase video, you become ineligible for Student of the Month that month. This week would be a great opportunity to catch up on any Topic of the Month resources you haven't yet had a chance to do. It's also a great opportunity to read, watch and comment on resources in The Academy HIVE, and take part in some Academy events.

NOTE: There is no option to submit your Weekly Showcase video late and still receive teacher feedback on it. This is non-negotiable. Once your lesson day passes, it's as though you missed it in the real-world. Strictly NO REFUNDS are given if you miss your Weekly Showcase submission. It must be received by 11:59pm (Melbourne, Australia [GMT+10] time on your lesson day) for it to be received and marked by your teacher.

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