If your teacher is away or sick, our first priority is to keep you learning and progressing by getting another Virtual Piano Academy teacher to fill in and give you feedback on your Weekly Showcase video.

If this isn't possible, we will pause your membership payment for one week. You will still have access to the Virtual Piano Academy website and all your materials, but you won't be given feedback by your teacher, you won't be able to use your 2 chat "help-lines" and will need to continue working on material from the previous week.

Use this as an opportunity to catch up on things; or spend time working on Topic of the Month resources, The Academy HIVE activities, community events etc. Think of this as a catch-up week; your music games week; your Academy community week. It's a chance to chat to a fellow learner on The Academy HIVE; do some Topic of the Month activities; write your Goal Diary; write a Success Story; check the Calendar of Events; read some articles on the Help Centre etc.

Can I Choose Just to Pause My Payment Instead of Getting a Fill-In Teacher?

No. If we are able to get another Virtual Piano Academy teacher to fill-in whilst your normal teacher is away, we will not pause your payment and your credit card will be charged as normal. The decision whether to find a replacement teacher or pause your payment for the week (when your normal teacher is either sick or away on holidays), is up to Virtual Piano Academy, is final and is non-negotiable. If you want to take time off whilst your normal teacher is away, even though we have replaced your teacher with a substitute, you will be required to apply for and use one of your 4 weeks' Holiday Leave. You can apply to take your Holidays here. This form is also available in your Lesson Portal.

Receiving feedback from another teacher is actually really beneficial, and can be a great opportunity to have a different perspective for a week!

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