Weekly Showcase Video

No, you don't receive video feedback from your teacher during the week. You only receive video feedback from your teacher once a week. Your teacher will watch your Weekly Showcase video (if you send it by the due date) and create a video walking you through things you need to work on and improve for the following week. Think of this like a regular in-person lesson in the real world. You play music for your teacher and get detailed feedback once a week. For more information on the Weekly Showcase submission, read this article.

Chat Help-Lines

You also get 2 "help-lines" each week, where you can ask your teacher a quick question to help get you unstuck (using the pop-up chat window).

This question must relate to something in that weeks' homework and must be able to be answered by your teacher quickly. Eg: "Hi Amy, I've done everything in my practice already. Can I move on and start learning bars 10-15 by myself?"

Or "What finger should I be using in bar 8 in the right hand"?

Or "What does this particular symbol on the music mean"?

Your teacher will aim to respond to these "help-lines" within 1-3 business days. Move on and practice other things in the meantime. If it's a more complex question that requires your teacher to explain or demonstrate something in more detail, please ask this question at the beginning of your Weekly Showcase submission video instead.

What Does Your Lesson Fee Give You?

Please refer to this article for more details on exactly what your lesson fee includes.

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