Video Feedback From Your Teacher

Your teacher will create a video giving you feedback on the things you played in your Weekly Showcase video submission.

This video will include tips and pointers for how to improve certain sections that might not be quite right yet. It may include some practice techniques to try or it might suggest a way you can practice a passage in order to improve it.

The feedback you receive will depend on what you are learning, and is completely tailored to you.

Feedback Summary

For each piece of music you perform in your Weekly Showcase video, you also receive a Feedback Summary breakdown (like the one below), which shows you which things you did well at, and which things you should concentrate on in your practice this week.

In this fictitious example below this student went really well with the rhythmic aspects of their piece, but had lots of wrong notes! The had mostly correct fingers, some good dynamics and mostly played fluently without stopping, but could add more articulations (staccatos, accents etc) and could play with a little more confidence.


Your teacher will then list all the things you need to work on during the week (and then submit in your next Showcase video).

If there are new tricky passages your teacher wants you to learn during the week, or if you're learning a new scale etc, your teacher may record a video stepping you through how to do this and tips for how to practice it.


If you get stuck on something to do with your practice during the week, you get 2 "help-lines", where you can ask your teacher a quick question to help get you unstuck.

This question must relate to something in that weeks' homework and must be able to be answered by your teacher quickly. Eg: "Hi Amy, I've done everything in my practice already. Can I move on and start learning bars 10-15 by myself?" Or "What finger should I be using in bar 8 in the right hand"? Or "What does this particular symbol on the music mean"?

Your teacher will aim to respond to these "help-lines" within 1-3 business days. Move on and practice other things in the meantime. If it's a more complex question that requires your teacher to explain or demonstrate something in more detail, please ask this question at the beginning of your Weekly Showcase submission video instead.

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