Your ongoing monthly membership payment not only gives you weekly video feedback from your teacher, but it also gives you access to all the resources on our site. Once you terminate your membership with us, you not only lose access to your teacher, but everything on the site.

This includes all feedback videos from your teacher, all games, all notes, progress reports, everything in your portal, all posts in The Academy HIVE, all Topic of the Month resources, all sheet music etc etc.

If you want to save important videos you have created, or save your progress reports, it is up to you to make your own copies of these.

If you decide you wish to return to Virtual Piano Academy in future, you will need to re-apply. We will not hold your place and cannot guarantee you will be re-accepted or placed with the same teacher.

Please keep in mind that when you leave Virtual Piano Academy, we reserve the right to continue using any material that was created for you (or by you) in connection to our Site, for use by other students on our Site and on our social media channels. The exception to this is the Weekly Showcase videos you create. These remain your intellectual property. The only time we will use these is if you give us permission to.

Virtual Piano Academy holds no responsibility for any loss of your data, videos, music etc, and will not provide you with copies of anything upon your exit from Virtual Piano Academy.

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