All activity notifications, announcements, messages from your teachers and correspondence from Virtual Piano Academy are sent to the email used when signing up for the account.

It is your responsibility to check your email regularly for these announcements.

If someone replies to a post you created on The Academy HIVE (or via the "Discussions" tab in one of the portals), you will also be notified by email.

There is no notification alert inside the website and no push notifications sent to your phone. You will only receive notifications for Virtual Piano Academy events via the email address you used when you signed up to Virtual Piano Academy.

If you have signed up to Virtual Piano Academy on behalf of your child, please be aware that all notifications will be sent to YOUR email (or whichever email you used to sign up to Virtual Piano Academy with).

Your child can view the replies to their post, messages from their teachers etc on the Virtual Piano Academy website when they logon, but will not receive notifications for these replies on the website itself (only through email).

If it is important for your child to receive these notifications, either change the login email to their personal email; forward all Virtual Piano Academy emails to their personal email address, or inform them of any important correspondence you receive in your inbox about Virtual Piano Academy.

If you have signed up using your email on behalf of your child, you have agreed to take an active part in their piano education, and you should be helping them log on, and supervising their practice (which includes informing them of any necessary updates, notifications, announcements and messages from their teacher.

Virtual Piano Academy assumes no responsibility for any negligence or loss caused due to you not checking email communications, notifications or messages we send you.

Please ensure our emails are not going to your spam filter. If they are, mark them as "not spam" or "not junk" (or whatever option your email service gives you), so they stop going to your spam folder.

You can update your email address at any time under the "My Account" settings on the Virtual Piano Academy website. Login with your current email and password, then navigate here to make your desired email address change.

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