Musical Moments is a Virtual Piano Academy community activity that you can choose to participate in.

How does it work?

1. Go to The Academy HIVE.

2. Click "Create New Post".

3. Add the following as your post title: "A Virtual Piano Academy Musical Moment".

4. Upload a photo of yourself in a Musical Moment. This could be you practicing at the piano, or you listening to your favourite piece of music, or you out at a concert or you holding your "Student of the Month" certificate! It could be you enjoying any musical moment you like.

5. Add some information about your musical moment (a description to give us some context for the photo you have chosen to share).

6. Click "Create Post"

Ok, after you've posted your Musical Moment to The Academy HIVE, you're half done.

7. Repeat this process and post the same photo, same heading and same description to your own social media pages (Facebook page, Instagram etc).

Parents, we recommend you do this with your account on behalf of your child. Parents worried about showing their child in a post are still welcome to upload a more "artistic" photo of some sheet music, a cool shot of your piano etc. Teenagers who have their own accounts (parent-approved) are welcome to post under their own name.

8. Make sure you tag us (@virtualpianoacademy), include a link to our website ( and include the following hashtags in your social media post: #virtualpianoacademy #vpamusicalmoments #modernpianoschool #onlinepianoschool #learnpianoonline #onlinepianolessons #pianolessons #onlinepianostudent #playingpiano #pianoplayer #piano #pianoprogress

9. For every post you make to The Academy HIVE and your social pages, with the above tags, website link and hashtags, you/your child receives 20 additional points towards Student of the Month.

*NOTE: you receive 20 points for each musical moment (not for the same post across different social sites). Eg: if you take a photo and upload it to The Academy HIVE, your Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat AND Twitter, this still only counts as 20 points. You would need to create a different photo/post and repeat the process on this page to receive a further 20 points. You also don't receive your points for posting privately in a message, text or email. Your post must be public on The Academy HIVE wall, your Facebook/Instagram wall/feed and contain the appropriate tags, website link and hashtags (this is how we tally your points).

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