All students at Virtual Piano Academy have a set lesson day, where you submit your Weekly Showcase Video.

Think of this like your piano lesson day in the real world. Except you don’t have to physically attend a lesson. But all your week’ practice leads up to this day.

You video record yourself playing a number of things from that week's practice (a list of things you need to perform will be listed by your teacher for you each week). For more information on how the Weekly Showcase video works, read this article.

One of the amazing things about virtual lessons is that you get to choose your lesson day, and you don't have to commit to a specific time to be at your lesson on that day. You don't have to try and fight for that coveted 4pm after-school slot; or try and shuffle your lesson time around with your teacher because you have a dentist appointment right at your lesson time.

You can choose any of the following days as your nominated lesson day:






Your Weekly Showcase video will be due by 11:59pm that day. Essentially, you can submit it anytime on your lesson day, as long as it's received by your teacher by 11:59pm on your lesson day.

This is how your week would look if you choose to have your lesson day as Monday:

Take a look at the Example Week above, to see how your lessons and practice are structured during the week. This example is what it would look like if you choose to have Monday as your lesson day, but the same principle applies for whichever day you choose as your lesson day.

Structure of Your Week

Monday: Lesson Day

On your lesson day (in the example, this is Monday), you would finalise your weeks' practice and submit your showcase video any time before 11:59pm (Melbourne, Australia [GMT+10] time) that day. For more information on how to submit your Weekly Showcase video, read this article.

Tuesday: Teacher Marking Day + Your Community Events Day

The following day (Tuesday), your teacher will mark your Weekly Showcase video submission, and create feedback videos and resources for the week to come.

In the meantime, you should spend today working on Topic of the Month resources, The Academy HIVE activities, community events etc. Think of this as your catch up day; your music games day; your Academy community day. It's a chance to chat to a fellow learner on The Academy HIVE; do some Topic of the Month activities; write your Goal Diary; write a Success Story; check the Calendar of Events; read some articles on the Help Centre etc.

Wednesday to Sunday: Your Practice Days

On Wednesday, feedback videos, walkthroughs and homework notes from your teacher will now be available in your Lesson Portal and ready for you to start practicing. From Wednesday through to Sunday, you practice all the things outlined by your teacher for the week (this will be in your Lesson Portal).

Monday the Following Week

The following Monday, is your Lesson Day again! You finalise your weeks' practice and submit your showcase video any time before 11:59pm (Melbourne, Australia [GMT+10] time) today....and we start the process over again.

We Are Not Open On Weekends

NOTE: Virtual Piano Academy is not open on weekends. Your teacher will not mark your showcase video on a weekend, so you must choose your lesson day as either:

  • Sunday

  • Monday

  • Tuesday

  • Wednesday

  • Thursday

This is non-negotiable, as your teachers are working professional musicians, and often have performance engagements on weekends.

We mark your videos the day AFTER you submit them.

Example: if your lesson day is Sunday and you submit your Weekly Showcase video before 11:59pm that day, we mark it on Monday, not Sunday. If your lesson day is Thursday and you submit your Weekly Showcase video before 11:59pm that day, we mark it on Friday, (not Thursday).

Info For When You Choose Sunday As Your Lesson Day

Please note that if you choose Sunday as your lesson day, Virtual Piano Academy is closed, and you will not be able to speak with anyone on the off chance you have technical issues. Having said that, we have a video submission fallback option if you do experience technical issues out of hours. Please find out more here (scroll right to the bottom for info on how to submit your Weekly Showcase video if you experience tech issues).

The same rules apply if you're trying to submit your Weekly Showcase video at 11:59pm on your lesson day, and you suddenly run into technical issues. No one will be awake and available to help you troubleshoot your problem at this hour. So please keep this in mind.

Is it Guaranteed That I’ll Be Able to Make My Lesson Day Whatever Day I like?

Your lesson day has to be one of the days listed above, as Virtual Piano Academy is closed on weekends.

Whether you can have your chosen lesson day will also depend on our teacher’s availability. If you are placed with a teacher who is only available Wednesday’s, you might have to be flexible if you want that teacher. Alternatively, we can try and place you with a different teacher that suits your desired lesson day better. We certainly aim to give everyone the lesson day (and teacher) they want, but some flexibility may be required, and we can’t 100% guarantee the day you choose in your audition application will be available with that teacher.

In your audition form, indicate your preferred lesson day (or if you are flexible on a few days, indicate all the days you would be happy to have as your lesson day). We will then work really hard to try and accommodate your desired days.

Can I Change My Lesson Day Once I've Started?

Yes, you can, but you will need to apply for a change of lesson day here and pay a one-off admin fee of $20. This form is also available under the "Important Info" section in your Lesson Portal.

If your current teacher isn't available on the day you wish to change to, you will either need to swap to a different teacher that IS available on your desired lesson day, or choose to remain with your current lesson day. We will do our very best to accommodate you, but can't 100% guarantee a day change will be possible.

What Happens If I Miss My Showcase Video Deadline?

Read more about your Weekly Showcase video here.

What Happens If My Teacher is Sick Or Away On My Lesson Day?

Read more about this here.

Can I Change Teachers?

Yes, you can apply to change teachers, but we have a number of terms and conditions that come with this. Find out more here.

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