You are charged an ongoing monthly subscription for your lessons (and access to resources on our website) when you join Virtual Piano Academy.

Your credit card will be charged on the 15th of every month for your continued access to your teacher and website resources. Please make a note of this in your diary, and ensure you have adequate funds available for when your monthly payment is due. This payment date cannot be changed, and is the same for all Virtual Piano Academy students.

If your credit card payment is unsuccessful, you will automatically lose access to Virtual Piano Academy (you won't be able to log on) and your student enrollment will be marked as expired.

If your credit card payment is unsuccessful, we will attempt to automatically re-charge your card 4 more times within 1 week from the date of the 15th. You will receive email notifications from us informing you of a credit card payment issue, giving you the opportunity to address the issue.

If the issue is addressed during these attempts and payment goes through as successful, your access to Virtual Piano Academy (and your Lesson Portal etc) will be restored, and your account will not be marked as 'expired' any longer. You can continue as normal.

If all 4 credit card attempts continue to be unsuccessful, your access to the Virtual Piano Academy website will be automatically cancelled, you will receive no further feedback or communication from your teacher and your student enrollment will be cancelled.

If you wish to continue as a student after 4 unsuccessful credit card attempts, you will have until the 22nd day of that month (1 week from when your monthly payment was due) to reactivate your account and stay on as a student with us.

You will need to pay a one-off fee of $50 to reactivate your account. If you choose to do this, your account will be reactivated as soon as we receive your $50 payment, and you can resume your lessons as normal.

If you’ve fallen behind in your homework for this week (because you were locked out of Virtual Piano Academy due to your declined credit card), you take full responsibility for catching up on your work, and submitting your Weekly Showcase video on time. Your teacher has no obligation to make up for your lost time, or give feedback on your Showcase submission if it is late. If you fail to submit your Showcase video on time, you will need to repeat the work given to you the previous week. You agree to own that this is your error and any negative consequences resulting from this are your responsibility. No responsibility lies with your teacher or Virtual Piano Academy.

If we hear no correspondence from you by the 22nd of the month and have not been able to successfully charge your card, you will be immediately removed as a student. Your account will be cancelled, you will not be able to access your portal any longer, and your teacher will not keep your current place for you.

If you wish to return to Virtual Piano Academy at any point after this occurs, you will need to re-audition as though you were a new student. We cannot guarentee you will be re-accepted, or placed with the same teacher.

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