Yes. Even though Virtual Piano Academy's hours are 9:00am - 5:00pm, Monday to Friday, you can still access all material on our website outside of these hours.

Please bear in mind though, that just because you're on the website diligently working away at 8pm, doesn't mean that your teacher is. If you send your teacher a message outside of business hours, you will not receive a reply until the following day. NOTE: Our business hours are Melbourne, Australia time (UTC +10).

The only time you won't be able to access your material is if your credit card payment has declined, or you have requested to pause your payments whilst you are away.

Failed Credit Card Payment

When a payment attempt to your credit card fails, you automatically lose access to Virtual Piano Academy and your enrollment is marked as expired. Our payment processor will then automatically attempt to process the payment 4 more times within a week. If the credit card issue is addressed by you during these attempts and payment is successful, your access will be restored. If the payment continues to be unsuccessful during these attempts, your enrollment will stay as expired with no access to the Site. Please read more on our policy regarding failed payments here.

Access to Virtual Piano Academy When You're On Holidays

You won't be able to access the Virtual Piano Academy website during the time you take off for holidays. Your payments are paused during this time, and therefore your access to Virtual Piano Academy is paused until you return and start making your lesson payments again.

If you still want to access your portal, materials and resources on the Site and engage in discussions on The Academy HIVE whilst you're away, you can request this feature and pay $40/wk to continue gaining access during your break. You will not submit or receive feedback on a Weekly Showcase video during this time, receive chat feedback from your teacher or be able to correspond with Virtual Piano Academy staff during this time. Your $40/wk simply gives you login and access permission during your holiday.

You can request this feature when applying for your Holiday Leave.

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