Each month we focus on creating awesome resources, games and videos centred around a different topic. It might be famous composers, rhythm, music history, scales, Italian terms, a certain musical technique, performance practice etc.

All resources created for each "Topic of the Month" are available (and archived) in the "Topic of the Month" portal on your Dashboard.

Head on over there to immerse yourself in a different musical concept each month, and become a master of that topic!

If you want to contribute your opinion or make a comment about something we post in the "Topic of the Month" portal, click the "Discussions" tab in the top right corner. A little window will slide out and you can create a post (see screenshot below). Give your post a title, write your comment and include any photos, links or attachments you want to add to your post. Click "create". This becomes visible to all Virtual Piano Academy students (but is not made public to anyone outside of Virtual Piano Academy). Other students can comment on your post and you can engage in conversations around certain musical topics.

**Remember, every time you work on a "Topic of the Month" activity or game; watch a video or post a comment, you receive points towards Student of the Month!**

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