What We Give Points For

  • Individual Weekly Showcase video marks = 100 possible points per week

  • 100 possible points per week for your attitude

  • 1 point every time you sign in to Virtual Piano Academy and do some practice. We don't give points for you simply logging on, logging off, logging on, logging off and not actually practicing. It doesn't work like that! Haha!

  • 1 point every time you go to your Lesson Portal

  • 1 point every time you participate in The Academy HIVE

  • 1 point every time you read an article in our Help Centre (you've received a point for reading this article!)

  • 1 point every time you check the Calendar of Events

  • 1 point every time you log your practice

  • 1 point every time you work on a Topic of the Month activity

  • 20 points each time you post a "Musical Moment" (check your Lesson Portal for more information on how to participate in this)

  • Bonus points for participating in a Monthly Challenge, posting a Success Story, or contributing to your Goal Diary

We also manually assign additional points to students for the following:

  • Noticeable improvement

  • Helpful responses and comments in The Academy HIVE

  • Pushing through a challenge

  • Resourcefulness (eg: still managing to practice during a 2-day blackout, or smashing through lots of Topic of the Month resources because you were unable to get to a piano all week etc).

NOTE: For students who are under 13 (and have a parent supervising their piano studies) any of the above activities undertaken by a parent on behalf of their child, contributes points towards your child's account.

What's the Point of Collecting All These Points?

A little competition can a good motivator! These points determine who is awarded our "Student of the Month" prize. Find out more about Student of the Month here.

Final Monthly Points Tally

Your final points tally for each month is final and non-negotiable. We use a sophisticated webpage event tracking system that shows us the activity you have made on the website each month. This data is then used to tally up everyone's points and determine our Student of the Month. We DO NOT share this data with anyone, including students and parents. The only people who are allowed to view this data are Virtual Piano Academy staff. We also then manually assign points for various student activities, attitudes and improvements on top of this.

We will not show you a breakdown of your points if you ask.

Do higher grades get more points?

Nope. We don't award more points for those who do higher grades (and therefore practice more at that level). We don't award more points to those who have been learning for longer.

Everything is relative. A complete beginner has just as much chance of receiving "Student of the Month" as a student preparing for 8th grade and who practices 2 hours a day. It's based on your current level, and a lot of what we award points for is attitude-based.

Points re-set on the first day of each new month and it's a clean slate for everyone, so it's completely possible to be awarded Student of the Month multiple times.

When You First Join Virtual Piano Academy

You don't start collecting points (and therefore can't get Student of the Month) the very first month you are a student with us.

Example: if you join Virtual Piano Academy on March 20, you won't be able to start collecting points until April 1 and the first Student of the Month you will be eligible for will be the month of April (not the month of March).

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