How to Respond If You're Unhappy

If we've made an accidental human error with something that has upset you, we understand you're likely to feel angry, and that your immediate reaction might be to send us a nasty message. Please don't. If an issue arises, please let us know and respond with kindness. We are not here to rip you off or intentionally cause you headaches. But we're all human and it's likely all of us will make a mistake at some point.

We expect everyone at Virtual Piano Academy to behave in a mature manner when responding to issues. If anyone (whether a student, parent or teacher) yells at, swears at, threatens, belittles or makes unreasonable demands to, they will be removed from Virtual Piano Academy immediately, without negotiation. We have a zero-tolerance policy for rudeness, aggression and intentional venom. We want Virtual Piano Academy to be a happy, inspiring place. Don't be that bad apple that ruins the whole bunch.

Help Centre

We've written almost 100 articles on our Help Centre, that will likely answer many of your questions. If you're having an issue with something, we recommend searching the Help Centre as your first port of call. It's likely we've already written an article outlining how to solve your problem. If you still can't solve your problem after searching our Help Centre, then use one of the methods below.

Issue With Payments

If there's been an error with payment, let us know by sending us a message using the pop-up chat window. Take a screenshot of the issue and send it alongside your message if you think this will help clarify the issue. We will get onto rectifying the issue as soon as possible.

Issue With Something in The Academy HIVE/Community

If you see something on The Academy HIVE that really shouldn't be there (offensive or rude comments, a post that includes foul language or a discriminatory remark etc), please take a screenshot and send it to us using the pop-up chat window. Please include the name of the person who has made these offensive remarks. We will then talk to this person privately, and if necessary, remove them from Virtual Piano Academy.

Issue With My Teacher

If you're experiencing an issue with your teacher, please send us a message using the pop-up chat window. In your message, please outline exactly what the issue is, and take any screenshots of communication/messages etc between you and your teacher that can help clarify and substantiate the issue. We will then speak with your teacher privately, and try to find a solution. If the problem is a difference in personality, we will move you to another teacher. If the problem is serious, this teacher will be asked to leave Virtual Piano Academy, and you will be placed with another teacher.

Issue With Technology

If you're experiencing technical issues, we recommend you troubleshoot your problems by following the steps in this article.

Issue With Feedback I've Received On My Homework

Receiving critical feedback is a huge part of learning an instrument. Learning to take on feedback (even if it's not the kind of feedback you want to hear) is part of pushing yourself to grow, learn and improve. If you're the sort of person who gets upset when receiving any kind of constructive feedback, learning an instrument probably isn't for you.

Our teachers aim to provide you with feedback that is constructive and helpful, without being hurtful or negative. You may receive feedback that informs you you've been practicing something wrong. If we don't pick up on these errors and tell you about them, your playing will suffer and your music will be full of mistakes (not what you want, especially if you're preparing for an exam).

The same goes with marks you receive in your monthly Progress Reports. These marks are a direct reflection on how much effort you put into your practice that month. One of our Academy pillars is: "I take responsibility for my own learning, practice and progress" the marks you receive are no one else's responsibility, but yours!

If you'd like to unpack exactly why you received certain marks for your Progress Report, or an exam etc, you will need to apply for an additional lesson. Find out more here.

In summary, we expect all students to have an open mind, and be willing to take on (and apply) constructive feedback given to them by their teacher (or another student in The Academy HIVE). However, if you have received feedback that is intentionally hurtful, rude or discriminatory, please take a screenshot, and send it to us using the pop-up chat window. We will then speak with this student/teacher privately, and if necessary, remove them from Virtual Piano Academy.

Issue In My Personal Life

We expect all students and parents to act professionally when participating in Virtual Piano Academy lessons and events. Everyone experiences personal stressors at one point or another (including your teacher!), but we have a zero-tolerance policy if you let your personal issues negatively affect your behaviour at Virtual Piano Academy.

Whilst you might feel like you have a close bond with your teacher, they are not trained counsellors or psychologists, and we are not a counselling service. If you have an issue in your personal life you need help with, please seek appropriate professional help. We recommend calling Lifeline. We can help you with this if you're feeling scared or unsure.

If issues in your personal life are affecting your musical studies, please let us know. This way we can take the pressure off your homework for a few weeks, unenroll you from your exam, or your teacher will know to avoid certain topics that might be triggers for you etc.

You can also use some of your holiday leave if you need to take time off during a stressful period. Unfortunately, we can't hold your spot (or your teacher) if you need to take off more time than your allocated 4 weeks. If your personal issue is ongoing and negatively affecting your piano studies, we recommend cancelling lessons so you can focus your energies on getting better. If music is an outlet for your stressful personal situation, and you are happy to continue, please keep us updated on your situation.

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