There will be times when you’ll receive feedback from your teacher that you don’t want to hear. You might have learned something incorrectly or be given feedback that is hard to hear. Feedback is meant to help you realise your errors and give you tips and advice on how to improve them. Please don’t take this kind of feedback from your teacher as negative. It's actually a chance to learn and get better. Your teacher (and all successful musicians) have received thousands of comments that were hard to hear. But the reason they are successful, is because they took these comments and used them to improve!

Learning an instrument is hard and it won’t always feel comfortable. You won’t always be praised. You have to be willing to take the good with the bad. This is the true measure of success!

Receiving "hard-to-hear" feedback

Receiving critical feedback is a huge part of learning an instrument. Learning to take on feedback (even if it's not the kind of feedback you want to hear) is part of pushing yourself to grow, learn and improve. If you're the sort of person who gets upset when receiving any kind of constructive feedback, learning an instrument probably isn't for you.

Our teachers aim to provide you with feedback that is constructive and helpful, without being hurtful or negative. You may receive feedback that informs you you've been practicing something wrong. If we don't pick up on these errors and tell you about them, your playing will suffer and your music will be full of mistakes (not what you want, especially if you're preparing for an exam).

The same goes with marks you receive in your monthly Progress Reports. These marks are a direct reflection on how much effort you put into your practice that month. One of our Academy pillars is: "I take responsibility for my own learning, practice and progress" the marks you receive are no one else's responsibility, but yours! This is a good thing if you get awsome marks! You earned those, and can feel proud of that achievement. But you also earned your not-so-good marks, and need to own that, and take responsibility for that.

If you'd like to unpack exactly why you received certain marks for your Progress Report, or an exam etc, you will need to apply for an additional lesson. Find out more here.

In summary, we expect all students to have an open mind, and be willing to take on (and apply) constructive feedback given to them by their teacher (or another student in The Academy HIVE).

Having said that, if you have received feedback that is intentionally hurtful, rude or discriminatory, please take a screenshot, and send it to us using the pop-up chat window. We will then speak with this student/teacher privately, and if necessary, remove them from Virtual Piano Academy.

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