No. Strictly no refunds are given if you miss your Weekly Showcase video submission, under ANY circumstances. We do have a few alternative solutions to submitting your Weekly Showcase if you are sick, away or you have technical issues. Please read below.

What if I am sick and can't submit my Weekly Showcase video?

It's awful feeling sick, but just because you don't feel up to submitting your Weekly Showcase video doesn't mean you don't pay for that week. Your teacher has been available to you during the week (and may have already answered some of your questions via a "life-line"); you've still had access to the platform; Topic of the Month resources; music games; Academy events; The Academy HIVE etc, during the entire if you're suddenly feeling sick on your lesson day, you don't get a refund for that week. For more information on how lesson days work, please read this article.

Try and at least record and submit something for your Weekly Showcase video. If you don't submit anything by the deadline (11:59pm, Australia [GMT+10] time) on your lesson day, it's as though you missed your piano lesson in the real-world. You won't receive feedback from your teacher, and your homework for next week will be exactly the same as it was last week. At least if you submit something (just one piece perhaps), you'll receive feedback on that piece.

Another option is to submit your Weekly Showcase video early. If your lesson day is a Monday, and you start getting sniffly on Friday and think you're coming down with something, you can record your Weekly Showcase and submit it on Friday. Your teacher will still mark it according to the Weekly Schedule (see image below). So if your lesson day is Monday, your teacher will mark your Showcase video on Tuesday, even if you submit it early on Friday). You will receive feedback and videos, ready for you to resume your practice as normal on Wednesday. Hopefully by this time, you have recovered and continue as normal.

For more information on how your weekly structure works, read this article. There is a brief example summary below (for how your week would look if your lesson day was Monday). The same principle applies no matter what your lesson day is.

What Happens If I Can't Submit My Weekly Showcase Video on My Lesson Day Because I'm Away That Day or There's an Emergency?

Please read this article for more information on the options you have in this situation.

What Happens If I Can't Submit My Weekly Showcase Video Because of Technical Issues?

If you're having technical issues, the first thing we recommend is to read this article. We walk you through solutions to some common tech problems.

If you have technical issues and you are having trouble uploading your Weekly Showcase video, you have two options:

  1. Upload your Weekly Showcase videos to your personal Dropbox, Google Drive or other cloud storage system you may use. Send the link to your teacher on your lesson day using the pop-up chat window. This should only be used in an emergency if you can't use the method outlined on this page.

  2. If you are having issues recording videos on your phone, or you don't have Dropbox or Google Drive, we recommend recording your videos using Loom. Loom currently only works on iPhone or iPad (not Android mobile devices) but does work on any laptop (PC or Mac). Loom will let you record 25 videos for free. You can actually create as many videos as you like, but Loom will only let you access your most recent 25 videos. The workaround is that you save these 25 videos onto your computer (or mobile device) then delete them from Loom, and continue recording another 25 videos. Please note, you cannot record a video using your smartphone's camera, then upload these videos to Loom. If you're going to use Loom, you have to record your videos using their App. It will then automatically upload your video into their cloud, and give you a link. Anyone with this link can then view your video. You can send this link to your teacher using the pop-up chat window. If you've created multiple videos, you will need to send a link for each video. Again, only use this method if you can't use the method outlined on this page.

How Do I Actually Submit My Weekly Showcase video?

Please read this article for more information.

Are My Monthly Payments Based on How Many Weekly Showcase Videos I Submit (and Get Feedback On?)

No. Lets say you get to the end of your monthly billing cycle and you tally up how many Weekly Showcase videos you've submitted...and you've only submitted 3, not 4. You start to think "Why am I paying the same fee this month when I've received less tuition?"

In a perfect world, where the modern calendar was made up of months that had exactly the same number of days in each, then yes, you would have a case for being ripped off! But each month is actually made up of a different number of days. Some months have 30 days, some have 31 days, some have 28 days, and some months even have 5 weeks! So if you've only received 3 feedback videos this month, there's a good chance you'll receive 5 in a future month!

Our billing model is also different to traditional lessons, where you pay up-front for 10 lessons in a term. Because we are a digital music school, not only do you receive a weekly video lesson (the Weekly Showcase), you learn through interactive digital games; you receive demonstration videos that you can watch over and over to help your practice; we step you through exactly what you need to do for your practice each week and outline this clearly for you to follow; we help you track your practice; you can see practice statistics from your fellow learners; you can interact with other students and parents on The Academy HIVE; you can participate in our Q&A sessions, monthly challenges, piano parades, and other community activities; you can access interactive learning resources through our Topic of the Month; you have access to our digital sheet music library; you receive a monthly progress report...and heaps more. All of this is included in your lesson fee!

So we don't charge you "per video lesson"...we are charging you a monthly subscription to grant you ongoing access to all the resources on our website. We're not charging you on a per-video-lesson basis.

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