Your lesson fee does not include providing you with the sheet music to any piece or song you wish to learn.

Exam Music

If you decide you wish to sit a piano exam, there are required AMEB or ABRSM technical workbooks and music books you will need to purchase. These are not included in your lesson fee.

You are responsible for the purchase of all exam material. If you're preparing for an AMEB or ABRSM piano exam, we recommend purchasing your required books directly from the AMEB website or ABRSM website. Your teacher will let you know exactly which books you will require for each grade.

Can I Just find my exam music somewhere online?

No. Downloading music you find on the internet from the AMEB or ABRSM exam books is illegal! You must own and bring your physical music books with you to your piano exams. It is not acceptable to bring downloaded copies of the exam music to your exam. Doing so will disqualify you from taking your exam. The AMEB and ABRSM take copyright infringement very seriously, and so do we.

What about non-exam music?

The same rules apply. When deciding to learn a specific piece of music, you will need to source and purchase a legal copy.

Having said that, just because you have purchased a legal copy of sheet music to learn in your lessons, this doesn't mean you can then record a video of yourself playing that piece and upload it to YouTube. That requires a synchronisation license, which you would need to purchase from the publisher and/or copyright owner!

Copyright is very complex and confusing and even when you have good intentions, you might still be breaking the law.

Virtual Piano Academy Sheet Music Library

We don't want anyone to find themselves in legal trouble because they are using illegal copies of music, or distributing video performances of that piece of music without a synchronisation license. Because of all this, we have created our very own Virtual Piano Academy Sheet Music Library.

All of the music in our library is 100% legal for you to use. It is legally cleared and available for you to download, print, perform, record videos with and use in your practice, concerts and public performances. And, all music in our Sheet Music Library is included as part of your lesson fee, so you don't have to pay a cent to use this music.

You are free to record yourself playing a video of this music, and can legally distribute that video via YouTube, on your social media channels etc.

Some of the music in this library is also written by Amy herself...and our library is organised by grade level, so you can browse music that is appropriate for your current abilities.

What If I Want to Learn a Piece of Music Not in the Virtual Piano Academy Sheet Music Library?

If you want to learn a piece of music that is not in our Sheet Music library, you will need to do the following:

  1. Fill out the sheet music request form, with details about the piece of music you wish to learn. You can find this form in your Lesson Portal.

  2. If approved by your teacher, you will need to purchase a legal digital or physical copy of the piece you wish to learn. Your lesson fee does not include music outside of our Sheet Music Library, so you will need to pay for this music separately. The websites we recommend for downloading legal music scores are MusicNotes and NoviScore.

  3. Send us a digital copy of your purchased music, along with a copy of the receipt of purchase. Use the pop-up chat window to do this.

  4. You will not be able to upload any video recordings you create of yourself performing this piece to YouTube or social media. You are only able to create videos for your Weekly Showcase video and for sharing within the Virtual Piano Academy website. Even though you purchased a legal copy to learn from, this doesn't give you a video synchronisation license.

  5. You take full legal responsibility for your use of this copyrighted material. Virtual Piano Academy shall not be held legally, financially, or professionally accountable for the way you choose to use this copyrighted material.

Can I Learn ANY Piece of Music I Like?

There is no guarantee that you will be able to learn any piece of music you request. This will depend on whether it's appropriate for your current level, whether we can source an appropriate legal copy and whether there is an appropriate piano version of the piece available. Your teacher has the final say on this.

Piano Adaptations of Pop Songs

Piano adaptations of pop songs are often horribly arranged, are not very pianistic and are therefore often frustrating to learn.

Converting a song that was originally composed for an entire band into a piano solo often doesn't translate very well, and can actually hinder your learning process. We'd rather you learn pieces that were written specifically for piano...or source well-arranged piano versions of pop songs.

Some pop songs are well-arranged and appropriate to use in your piano studies, but a lot won't be. So we can't guarantee you'll be able to learn ANYTHING you want.


When making a digital sheet music purchase from MusicNotes or NoviScore, your purchase will include the ability to print your music. Sometimes, depending on the piece you choose to purchase (and it's associated licenses with the digital music distributor), you might be limited to a set number of prints that you can make.

If you have an iPad or Tablet, you can also view these digital scores on your device, without the need to print them. This saves trees too!

If you're sitting an AMEB or ABRSM exam, you are not allowed to use photocopied music in your exam. You can however, use a photocopied page to assist with page-turning (as long as you have the original purchased music too.)

Do I Have to Purchase Books If I'm Doing a Theory Exam?

Just like with sheet music, music theory material is copyrighted. If you are preparing for an AMEB or ABRSM theory exam, you will need to purchase the appropriate grade book. Read this article for more information.

Virtual Piano Academy Copyrighted Material

Speaking of copyright, now is a good time to mention that all material on the Virtual Piano Academy website is also copyrighted. By becoming a paying student, we grant you a license to access and use this material for your educational benefit.

However, you do not own any of the material on our website. You'll be immediately removed from Virtual Piano Academy if you share, distribute or make public, any of our copyrighted resources. This means you can not take screenshots of material on our website, or download videos, PDFs etc and share them with anyone else. This includes your friends. You can take screenshots and download things for your own private study only. It must not be shared. You cannot post any of our copyrighted resources or material on your social media accounts, in an email to a friend etc. This includes videos we have created (even if created for you), images, PDFs, text, games or other content on our website. You can share any videos that you have recorded of yourself (so this includes your Weekly Showcase videos). You are free to share a link to our website with your friends, and you are free to share anything we post on our public Virtual Piano Academy social media accounts. You can also share any of the content we have on our public pages, including our Blog. If you really really want to share something on our website with someone, please contact us first. We may approve, and give you a copyright license to do so. Otherwise, any un-approved sharing of our content is considered copyright infringement, which is a legally punishable offence.

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