Exam fees are not included as part of your lesson fee. If you decide to sit a piano or theory exam, you will be required to pay the exam fees as a one-off additional expense. This fee goes directly to the AMEB or ABRSM. Once paid, these fees are strictly non-refundable. Please be aware that these fees go up slightly each year.

How Much Are the Exam Fees?

Please read this article for more information on the fees for each grade.

Virtual Piano Academy Exam Admin Fee

Virtual Piano Academy can enrol you in a piano or theory exam on your behalf, to ensure the exam application is completed correctly.

However, we add a $40 administration and processing fee on top of the AMEB or ABRSM exam fee. This covers the time it takes our staff to officially enrol you in an exam, and also includes your certificate shipping costs. This fee is also strictly non-refundable.

Pulling Out Of An Exam

If you start feeling like it's all just too hard and the world is crumbling around you, or other unforeseen stressors have impacted your preparation, we don't want you sitting for your exam. It's not worth it! Your health is more important, and if it's just not the right time for you to sit an exam, we recommend pulling out.

Virtual Piano Academy reserves the right to withdraw you from an exam you have already enrolled in if your teacher thinks you are not ready (and believes you won't achieve a very good result). In this case, the decision made by your teacher is final and non-negotiable.

In these cases, we have a few options:

  1. We can defer your exam to the next available exam session (which will cost you approx. $70).

  2. Continue your practice until you feel ready. We would then enrol you in another exam session later down the track. This will mean you need to apply for a whole new exam. You would forfeit your old exam fee, and have to pay the exam fee again for the new session (and our Admin fee if you want us to enrol you on your behalf). Each grade has a different exam fee. Read this article for more information.

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