Virtual Piano Academy doesn't offer fortnightly lessons. In the past, Amy has taught fortnightly lessons to some students, but these students never do well. They lose motivation easily; they don't set (and keep) a practice routine; they don't improve very quickly and consequently get frustrated about their lack of progress; and to put it bluntly, they simply waste their time and money. If you’re not willing to practice regularly and submit a Weekly Showcase video, Virtual Piano Academy probably isn’t the right fit for you.

We ARE for:

  • People who want to become the best piano players they can be

  • People who want regular, ongoing lessons from a world-class teacher

  • People who are committed to practicing regularly

  • People who want to learn the piano properly, with good technique and attention to detail

  • People who have a positive mind-set

  • People who want to work towards goals, and constantly improve, learn and grow

  • People who respect their fellow learners, their teachers and themselves

  • People who want to do grades (but there's absolutely no pressure). It's an option if you want it.

  • People who take responsibility for their learning

  • Any age. However, if your child is under 13, you (as a parent) will need to sit with your child and help them during each of their practice sessions.

  • Any location. As long as you have an internet connection, you can become a Virtual Piano Academy student.

  • Any level. Even complete beginners are welcome to apply.

  • Any gender or sexual orientation; religious affiliation or race.

  • At the moment, we only offer lessons in English, but are working towards offering lessons in other languages in the future.

We encourage our students to express their own individualism and be authentic. All our students and parents agree to be inclusive, accepting of our communities' differences and behave in a non-discriminatory manner. We take this very seriously and aim for our music school to be a safe creative space.

When you audition to be considered a student with us, just be yourself. We want to get to know YOU!

We are NOT for:

  • People who just one to learn one or two songs

  • People who think they can learn piano in 30 days

  • People who think they already know everything

  • People who don't want to practice regularly

  • People with a negative mind-set

  • People who are rude or disrespectful

  • People who want a "quick-and-dirty" fix to learning the piano

  • People who don't take responsibility for their learning

  • People who don't want to learn piano (ie: parents "forcing" their children to learn against their will)

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