Personality Clash

Sometimes, unfortunately, we meet people in our lives that we just don't click with. It's no one's fault when there's a personality clash. It's just one of those things. Perhaps this is the case with your teacher at Virtual Piano Academy? If you just don't click with your teacher and it's impacting your progress, then we can try and move you to another teacher.

Musical Style

Sometimes, your musical direction and goals might change, and your current teacher is no longer the best fit for you. Example: if you've been learning classical piano but decide you'd like to focus on jazz, you might be better off swapping to one of our jazz piano experts.

Final Decision

You can request to change teachers, but the final decision will lie with Virtual Piano Academy. Our aim is to place you with the teacher that is best suited to your musical needs and goals. This may be different from who you think you want as your teacher.


Changing teachers can be disruptive to your learning, especially if you are in the middle of preparing for an exam, so we don't recommend you change teachers unless it is absolutely necessary to your progress....and ideally, you would change in-between grades.

Teacher Change Request Form

We handpick the best teachers from around the world, so whichever teacher you end up with, you’re in the best professional hands possible! But we get that things change, so if you want to apply for a change of teacher, you can do so by filling out the teacher change request form in your Lesson Portal.

If there is a specific teacher at Virtual Piano Academy that you would like to swap to, you can indicate this on the form, but we cannot guarantee that you will be placed with a specific teacher, as this depends on their availability and style, as well as your level, the commitment you've shown to your practice, your participation in the Virtual Piano Academy community and your Showcase/Exam marks.

Teacher change applications can take up to 4 weeks to process.

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